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Custom Copper Sink for your Renovation

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Let Hammermarc help you create the perfect copper or brass sink for your kitchen remodel.

Are you interested in renovating your kitchen? Have you recently purchased a new home with an outdated kitchen? Maybe you are looking to sell your place and need to do some upgrades? Perhaps you only have a breakfast nook and long to have a state-of-the-art kitchen to call your own? Whatever your situation, Hammermarc is here to help.

Whether you are looking for a copper farmhouse sink, copper double sink, or a custom copper sink basin, Hammermarc can accommodate your needs. Maybe your tastes run more eclectic and you want something unique that fits your personality. Perhaps you have no idea how to remodel your kitchen and need some ideas. If so, Hammermarc handles many custom copper sink orders and we can craft something that will express your design desires.

Do not let your kitchen woes get the best of you. With Hammermarc Copper & Brass, there is no reason to have "the kitchen blues." For more details, check out our website where you can place orders online or call us at 866-789-7465 anytime.

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