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The Buyer’s Guide To Copper Sinks

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

At Hammermarc, we are passionate about copper. This buying guide is designed so that you too can find the joy that we do in copper when you are choosing the perfect sink for your home. Whether you are looking for a copper sink to occupy your kitchen, bathroom or bar, we surely have the perfect one for your space. However, there are some things you should consider when you are in the market for a new copper sink. Let’s talk about what your options are when choosing…


Copper can have several different finishes which can give it the look you desire. Below discover what your finish options are.

  • Dark: By far the dark finish has been the most popular finish. This finish sports a warm sheen that is sure to make your powder room, kitchen or bar area cozy and warm. The dark finish can lighten with use of acidic soaps and food products including things like ketchup, BBQ sauce and lemon juice, just to name a few. While all things that can cause a change can not be listed, the darker finish can be naturally corrected with the combination of air and water, allowing it to naturally oxidize back to a dark finish.

  • Medium: This duo-toned finish is the dark copper finish in the hammer marks and the shiny copper showing through on the higher parts of the hammering pattern. This finish can darken with use and the natural oxidation process. Lightly buffing with a scotch brite pad or 000 steel wool will bring the brighter copper back.

  • Cafe: A cafe finish is copper in its natural state without the high polish, similar to a tarnished penny. You can let it age and change colors naturally or clean it often so that it retains the similar look.

  • Shiny: A shiny finish is copper in its natural state with a high polish, and is truly a non-finish. You can let it age and change colors naturally or clean it often so that it retains its original look.

Mounting Styles

There are a number of mounting/installation styles that you can choose from when it comes to the copper sink you are planning on installing. Find out which way will be right for you below!

  • Drop-in: Also known as an “over mount” or “self-rimmed” sink, drop-ins are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. This mounting style is also fairly simple as the sink just has to be dropped into a pre-cut hole. If you are installing your new copper sink on your own, this is most likely going to be the easiest mounting style for you to use.

  • Under mount: This type of mounting style requires that the sink be installed from beneath the counter. Available for kitchen and bathroom sinks, the under mount is easy to keep clean and also allows for more counter space.

  • Vessel: This type of bathroom sink has gained much popularity in recent decades. A bowl-like sink sits on the counter top and is normally the focal point of a restroom. Mounting hardware is normally included when you purchase one of these unique sinks!

  • Apron Front: The classic farmhouse sink and mounting style eliminates the counter space that would normally be found between you and the sink. It can be installed by either dropping it in or under mounting it.

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