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Your order will track once it has shipped. Should you have any questions or comments along the way, please feel free to call or email us.

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Customer Support

Ordering Online:

Ordering Online with us is safe and secure!

We employ a method of interaction with our visitors that does not compromise credit card information. This online system is 100% secure.

We encourage you to feel comfortable using your credit card to conduct commerce on our site. If you wish, you may also send us a Postal Order (only) or a personal cheque. Personal cheques will delay your order as we must wait for your funds to clear before we ship any merchandise.

Please allow an additional 7-10 business days for shipping of your merchandise if paid by personal check. To order by check, just print the order form with your shopping cart contents from the order confirmation page and complete the necessary fields, then mail the form to the address above.

Return / Refund Policy:

By purchasing items through this website, you indicate you have read and agree with the following Return Policy and our Terms of Use.
If you decide to return an item the initial shipping and handling costs will be deducted from the refund. 

Upon Receipt of your Merchandise:
Please open and inspect contents immediately! We must be notified of damage or any other problems within 48 hours of receipt. Boxes may look fine on the outside only to have internal damage. To protect you and your investment we request that you carefully inspect your merchandise for damage or defects within 48 hours of receiving the product(s). 

Shipping Damage:
If your package appears damaged please inspect all contents and notify us within 48 hours of any damage your merchandise may have sustained. Also when signing for the product with the delivery service, tell them you wish to "sign with exception" and have them note the damage and your reason for concern. It is also important to inspect your package even if the box appears undamaged. Any time a package travels the possibility of internal damage exists. Should your merchandise arrive damaged, contact us within 48 hours. Please email any photographs of the damage. We will work with you to get a replacement sent out as well as having the carrier inspect the damage. You will be issued a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) to expedite the return process.

Items delivered via Freight (ie: Tubs, Tables, Range Hoods):
You MUST inspect your items for damage BEFORE you sign for them. These items cannot be returned using our returns process. For this reason, it is imperative that you closely examine your items before you sign for them. If the item appears to be damaged you may do one of the following: Refuse shipment due to damage or accept delivery with exception-noting the damage. In either case, please notify us immediately.

Wrong Item(s) Received:
It is unlikely you will receive the wrong item, as we strive to double check every order prior to shipping. In the event you do receive the wrong items as a result of our error, please notify us within 48 hours of receipt and email pictures of what you received. We will issue you a RMA number and give you instructions for returning the incorrect items. In most cases we will issue a call tag for the incorrect merchandise. We will also send you the correct items.

Return Procedures:

Please read the following procedures carefully.

  • Returns will only be accepted if a RMA number has been issued and written on the outside of the box. 

  • Items without a RMA may be refused or subject to higher restocking and administrative fees.

  • Most items may be returned within 30 days of receipt for any reason (See non-returnable items section below). All returned items are subject to a 20% restocking fee and shipping fees are non-refundable. Items ordered with free shipping will have the shipping fees deducted from the refund. Should you wish to return an item, please contact us in order to receive a RMA number and further instructions for shipping item(s) back to our warehouse. If approved, refund will be issued within 30 days of receipt of returned items.

All returns MUST:

  1. Include a valid RMA

  2. Well packaged in original packaging with RMA number written on outside of the box.

  3. Returned, at your expense, via a standard carrier. You may wish to obtain insurance and a tracking number. CopperSinksDirect is not liable for any lost or damaged packages shipped by the customer.

  4. Items must be returned in resalable condition in order to receive credit. Items dented, scratched, or otherwise damaged will not be eligible for return. If the product was in an individual box inside the shipping carton (drain, etc), it must come back the same way. Returning an item in only it's individual box will result in re-boxing charges.

Non returnable items: 
Some items cannot be returned. These items include but are not limited to: tubs, tables, range hoods. Items that are clearance, custom, special order or factory direct are also not returnable.

Wrong item ordered by customer (Exchange):
If you determine an item ordered is not going to be the right size and wish to return the product; you will need to contact us and request a RMA number and instructions for return. Please do not return any items without a RMA number. Items without a RMA number will be refused and returned to you at your own expense. Returns of incorrectly ordered products are subject to a 20% restocking fee if items are returned within 30 days of receipt of the product. Should you wish to exchange the item for one of similar value, a lesser restocking fee may be charged.

Cancelling an Order:
Cancellations must be done over the phone with a live person. Orders cancelled after day of order are subject to a 3% processing fee passed on from our credit card processor. Orders cancelled same day are not subject to this fee.

Delivery Information:
Shipping is done via UPS Ground, DHL Worldwide Express or United States Postal Service. Normal turnaround time is 3 to 5 days in the contential U.S. International delivery charges are calculated on a per-order basis. Please call us to get a quote on shipping to your international address.


Goods are charged at price shown on the product pages on the date the customer places the order and are exclusive of VAT. Prices are correct at time of publication. Errors and omissions are excepted. Orders will be processed at our published prices, otherwise, in the case of any unexpected change in price, you will be informed and asked if you wish to reconsider your order before proceeding. Tax is charged to orders placed in or shipping to the state of Texas.


If we should receive a complaint about any part of our service, by phone,fax,e-mail or letter,then it will be dealt with promptly (we will reply within 5 working days).It will then be dealt with confidentially and effectively.

Low Price Guarantees-Limited to sinks of the same quality on in-stock items only. Call for additional details.

Questions or Custom Quotes, Call 866-789-7465

Our Copper Sink Patina (color) and hammering pattern may vary due to the handmade quality of our products. Dimensions may vary slightly, therefore we recommend having your sinks in hand before any openings are cut into your counter tops.

Copper Sink Care:

  • Copper Sinks Direct Authentic Mexican copper sinks are not sealed which makes the patina (color) a "living finish". In a copper kitchen sink, do not place aluminum or hot pots or pans directly on the bottom of the sink as this will cause a ring that is either lighter or darker on the bottom of the copper sink. Soap pumps that spill over in the same place can also remove the coppers patina. Do NOT use acidic or corrosive products such as vinegar, abrasive cleaners, including "Soft Scrub", copper cleaners (these will shine the sink just like the picture on the jar), citric acids like lemon (if left on the bottom, once removed, a shiny spot will remain), tomato products (i.e. Spaghetti or BBQ sauce) or harsh chemicals or cleaners (i.e. bowl cleaner, lime away products, etc). These substances can strip the coppers living patina to a shiny and sometimes pinkish copper color. Should this happen not to worry, the natural oxidation (combination of air and water) will darken the copper sink back naturally.

  • Use Copper Sink Care copper sink wax to help protect from changes. If lightening has occurred, allow the copper sink to darken before using the wax or oil. Apply as directed. Copper Sink Care products are all natural, food and people safe.

Our Copper
Hammermarc Sinks are made from recycled, reclaimed, sustainable “green”, Eco friendly copper and brass. While copper is still mined in the United States and other countries, we feel that with the new push to be green living friendly and earth conscious, reclaimed copper is the only way to create our copper sinks.

Reclaimed, recycled copper is one of the most recycled metals; copper can be reclaimed over and over again. It is one of the most durable metals allowing it to be re created into new and functional copper products. Copper that has been reclaimed also saves on energy as it requires 85% more energy to produce newly mined copper ore.

Limited Sink Warranty:
Hammermarc will replace without charge, (excluding labor) any copper or brass sink supplied by Hammermarc that is proven to be defective, with an equivalent replacement, within the specified appropriate period from date of purchase, to the original owner, provided it has been used solely in a residential application and installed in accordance with the Hammermarc installation instructions, used and cleaned as recommended, and not damaged due to abuse, misuse, or negligence.
Please be aware that all rustic sinks and tubs have a finish that is by nature uneven and variable in color and pattern. Since our copper and brass products have a living finish, the finish is not covered under this warranty. In addition, the dimensions and consistency of shape can vary considerably. We offer these sinks and tubs with the view that these variations are part of the rustic character and charm, and do not constitute defects. Copper and Brass is also malleable. Materials that are malleable can be hammered or stretched or rolled into various shapes with relative ease, while still maintaining their strength. Some metals, like copper and brass, are also ductile, which means they are flexible. Should your sink arrive with a bent edge, it can be hammered back into position with little effort. Use a wooden or rubber mallet to straighten any edges that may have been altered in shipping.
(In the event of a warranty claim, the owner will be required to provide proof of purchase - save sales receipt.)

This warranty will not cover any damages which might be caused by the product. (Some states do not allow such limitation, so this reference may not apply to you.)
Hammermarc reserves the right to inspect any sink reported to be defective prior to replacement of the sink. All decisions are final. Replacement cost EXCLUDES transportation and any labor costs for the removal or re-installation.

Hammermarc shall not be liable in case of:
Improper installation/modification
Damages resulting from abuse, such as heavy impact or dropped objects
Improper care or maintenance
Improper applications (such as exposure to corrosive chemicals, photographic solutions, etc.)
Any modifications made to the product after it left Hammermarcs premises
Commercial application
This warranty supersedes all other warranties, expressed or implied.
The foregoing warranties are exclusive and made only for the buyer. NO OTHER WARRANTY, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANT ABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE SHALL BE DEEMED TO EXIST IN CONNECTION WITH ANY OF THE GOODS OR SERVICES SUPPLIED HERE UNDER, AND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES FOR A PERIOD GREATER THAN THE WARRANTY PERIOD CONTAINED IN Hammermarcs LIMITED WARRANTY ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED. Hammermarc SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THE GOODS OR SERVICES SUPPLIED HEREUNDER. No employee, agent, or other person is authorized to give any warranties on behalf of Hammermarc. in addition to or different from the herein given to assume for Hammermarc. Any other liability in connection with any of its products except if in writing which is signed by an officer of Hammermarc and expressly and intentionally gives such warranties or assumes such liability.

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