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Copper Sinks For Your Home

Hammermarc Copper Sinks
Hammermarc Copper Kitchen Sinks I've reveled at the times in my life when I see something that is so complex and complete but its beauty is in its simplicity, its elegance. It's more than a double-take. It's staring; it’s trying to figure out exactly how it does what it does, because something that near perfection is worth looking into. After all, nature's creation does that for us just about everywhere. Now that's the kind of power you want in your home.
There is a duality about copper, just like all of us. My closet has a denim jacket and a tuxedo. Copper sinks are old world and new sleek. They are polished but imperfect; Refined but rustic; Charming and Chic. Copper makes pennies but creates priceless looks. Copper sinks are more than meets the eye, yet the eye is so drawn to the hand hammered copper surface it's hard to believe there's more, but there is.
Hand-crafted copper sinks create a "Wow" factor while being warm and inviting. It's the melding of high-end décor with a touch of shab, a tribute to the origin of everything. You can put a copper sink hammered by a Mexican artisan in the American Southwest or Park Avenue; our copper sinks are equally comfortable in each.
When I see a well-designed home with beautiful furnishings, I feel uplifted. When I see touches of nature like a hammered copper sink, I feel grounded, planted on terra firma. It is this graceful dance of form and function that copper radiates with its warm, unmistakable glow.
Copper sinks change as they age, for the better. As we evolve, they too follow our journey through life and look better as the years go. Naturally antibacterial and germicidal as well as being able to 'heal' itself from scratches or damage, a copper sink evokes a rich quality that will separate your home. There aren't many things in life that can deliver form and function with such ease.
Hammermarc Copper Bar Sinks
Hammermarc Copper Bath Sinks Copper bath sinks by Copperhead Sinks offer the widest selection of styles and colors. Choose from under mount ovals and rounds, drop-in sinks and Vessel style count mount and sub mount copper sink bowls. Our vessel choices are plentiful from classic ovals to more unique styles like the copper bucket sink or the rectangle style that sits above the counter on an apron but does sub mount into the counter for a deeper bowl.
Hammermarc offers the most complete collection of hammered copper tiles on the market. There is something for every style and design. If you don't see the perfect copper design, send us yours and we will make you custom tiles that are specific to your project. Our Mexican hammered copper tiles are made by the best artisans in the country. Every mark on every tile is hand hammered with tools made specifically for tile designs. Use regular thin-set to install our tiles, no special glues or epoxy material. Also use regular sanded or non-sanded grout without worry. Hammermarc Copper Tile
Hammermarc Copper Tubs Copper slipper tubs by Copperhead Sinks.
Copper pet products, switchplate covers, frames, spa bowls and drains finish out our copper accessories. Hammermarc Copper Accents
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